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How much will my legal case cost?

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There are so many variables that determine the cost of your legal case. Family law attorneys cannot charge contingency fees where the lawyer takes a percentage of the money you "win" in your case. Instead, most family law attorneys require you to pay a "retainer" fee and sign a fee agreement before the attorney can represent you and give you legal advice.

The retainer is an advance payment for the costs and fees that will be incurred in your case. As work is done on your case, funds are withdrawn from the retainer to pay for the work. You will receive a monthly bill that shows how much of the retainer has been used.

Sometimes the retainer will cover the entire cost of your case. In other cases, the retainer is used up before the case is completed. In the event that your case runs over the retainer, you will be billed on a month to month basis.

Conflict, more than any other factor, determines how much a case will cost. As a client, you can keep your costs down by keeping conflict with the opposing party at a manageable level. Part of our job is helping our clients pick their battles wisely. Not every irritating thing your soon-to-be ex-spouse does is worth fighting about in court.

Our retainers range from $2,000 for a simple, uncontested case up to $4,000 for a contested case or a case with many assets to be divided.  In some cases, where there is a high level of conflict, we may require a retainer greater than $4,000.  Remember, a retainer is not a flat fee. It is not a promise that a case will cost about that much.

At your free consultation, after the attorney has heard the specific issues involved in your case, she will let you know what the required retainer will be. The examples listed here are just to give you a general idea about what legal services cost.

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