Janine Wilson


Janine Wilson received her legal education at Texas A&M University School of Law, where she graduated with honors. As an attorney, Janine prides herself on bringing a dedicated and understanding approach to her clients. In the courtroom, she tackles each obstacle with ardent resolve. She is passionate about defending her clients interest in every case, and uses her personal experience to provide unique insight to her clients regarding divorce, life after divorce, and all the struggles associated with it.

Janine has successfully protected her clients' separate property in divorce by using her tracing skills to overcome the community property presumption. She is also knowledgeable at handling complex property division cases and she enjoys the challenges that come with difficult cases.

She understands the needs of her clients and their families, as she is a family woman herself. Janine is a mother, a stepmother, and a dedicated wife. She brings an innovative view to her cases, and to the courtroom, through her focus on family. Her hands-on approach and dedication to family values allows her to forge unique relationships with each client to better suit their needs and situation.

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