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In Texas, matters of Family Law can be emotionally taxing. When the law becomes entangled in a person's family, marriage, and even death, it can create a complicated situation that leads to a great degree of stress, tense emotions, and confusion. The bottom line is, in all of these cases, most people ultimately want one thing: what is best for themselves and their families. While "what is best" may seem like a simple and idealistic solution, the phrase often carries different meanings to all parties involved. If two people view "what is best" differently when a family dissolves, the court is often required to step in to resolve the issues that arise. Once a Family Law case makes it to court, the stakes are higher than ever.

When you find yourself involved in a divorce, a custody battle, or you have experienced the death of a loved one, you want an attorney who can understand your specific needs as a client. Mary Holland and Janine Wilson are knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who pride themselves on their ability to deliver favorable results to their clients, while maintaining a friendly, warm, and compassionate relationship through the entire process. We understand that dealing with issues pertaining to divorce, custody, and death are challenging for all parties involved, and we want you to feel confident and secure with your representation. Whatever issue your family is facing, The Law Office of Mary Holland and Janine Wilson is here to help you through the emotional and legal challenges.

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